Services include: Emergencies | Extractions | Snoring Appliances | Special Grinding Protectors (TMJ) | Sports Mouthguards

We take dental emergencies seriously! Our goal is to get you out of pain and resolve your dental problem quickly and comfortably. Remember: teeth don’t heal themselves, and pain signals that something is wrong. Don’t wait – call us at (803) 957-2297.


We always want to help you save your natural teeth if at all possible. If a tooth cannot be saved, we are often able to remove them comfortably in-office.

Snoring Appliances:

Snoring may be a sign of a serious medical condition called sleep apnea. We work with sleep specialists in the area to determine which course of action is best for each individual. If you snore, let us know so we can discuss options with you.

Special Grinding Protectors:

Most people rub or grind their teeth together (a disorder known as bruxism) at some point in their life. We see the resulting wear and tear on our patients’ teeth daily. Tooth grinding is often noiseless. Some symptoms that can manifest from tooth grinding include tooth sensitivity, loose teeth, worn and chipped teeth, jaw soreness, and headaches. For our patients that suffer from bruxism, we provide a custom-made appliance that reduces or eliminates symptoms.

Sports Mouthguards:

It’s important for all athletes regardless of age to protect their teeth. Many of the dental injuries we see are the result of children playing sports. Custom mouthguards are an easy and affordable way to prevent sports-related injuries.